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Signs your transmission needs repair services

At MotorTrans, we specialize in transmission repair in Cherry Hill and Marlton, NJ. Our technicians are dedicated to giving you peace of mind when your vehicle is not efficiently running. We have decades of experience serving the region with transmission repair services. If your vehicle is not accelerating, releasing a burning smell, your check engine light is on, or more, there may be something wrong with your transmission. We look into all areas to determine the source of the problem so we can provide a solution for you.

Your transmission is essential for your vehicle to run and safely navigate the road. If there's an issue, it's vital to get it looked at by one of the technicians at MotorTrans so you can get back on the road safely. We repair all foreign and domestic vehicles' transmissions and work on everything from small cars to heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Look to us for all of your transmission repair needs in Marlton and Cherry Hill, NJ.

Top 5 warning signs that your transmission needs attention

Transmissions are an integral component of your vehicle, and without it, it cannot run successfully. It's important that your transmission is running at the highest level, so you do not have to worry about a potential issue on the road. As with any part of your car, early detection can save you money and prevent further, more severe damage to your vehicle. We break down the different warning signs of transmission trouble below:

1) Burning Smell

When you notice a burning smell from your car, this odor indicates that your transmission is overheating. It's essential to see a technician as soon as possible when this situation arises.

2) Slipping Gears

If you are driving and you notice your gears are slipping, that's a telltale sign that your transmission needs professional attention. It can be extremely nervewracking when your gears slip on the road and also dangerous. When your gears slip, it's vital that you have a professional assess the situation.

3) Leaking Fluid

One of the key signs of transmission problems is when your vehicle starts leaking fluid. Transmission fluid is red and can be seen underneath your vehicle if your transmission is not working as it should. If you see this fluid, one of our technicians can take a look and find a solution promptly.

4) Check Engine Light

Your check engine light can indicate a wide range of issues, both minor and severe. A check engine light does not necessarily mean your transmission needs attention. Still, in some cases, it could be, so it's essential to take care of it immediately before a situation becomes a bigger problem.

5) Grinding or Shaking

If you notice grinding or shaking in your car when you switch gears from park to drive or other gears, that's a sign of an issue. Your vehicle should not shake when changing gears. More common in a car with automatic transmission, grinding or shaking is not normal and should be assessed by a professional technician.

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