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Transfer Case Shop in Marlton, NJ

Auto Repair Services in Marlton, NJ

Are you searching for a transfer case shop in Marlton, NJ? If so, look to the experienced technicians at MotorTrans. At MotorTrans, we specialize in transfer case repairs in Cherry Hill and Marlton, NJ. We understand how vital a transfer case is to a vehicle and provide prompt repair service. A transfer case is essential for vehicles that use both front and rear axles to drive. Transfer cases are delicate and must be serviced by expert technicians. Our professionals have extensive experience working with The transfer case is affected by how fast you go, any bumps in the road, and more. The team at MotorTrans can determine the condition of your transfer case so you can drive with confidence. Our certified technicians are experts in transmission service as well as transfer cases. We work on both light and heavy-duty vehicles. Contract MotorTrans in Marlton, NJ, today for more information on our transfer case shop. 

What is a transfer case?


A transfer case is a specialized component that is used on four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles. It is essential for vehicles that use both front and rear axles to drive. When a transfer case is malfunctioning, it can make it challenging for people to drive safely and efficiently. 

Signs your transfer case needs repair

The most common indicators of transfer case issues are grinding gears, abnormal sounds when switching gears, or poor performance. You may notice smoke coming from the back of the vehicle as well when your transfer case is not performing as it should. Below, we list a few of the other common signs of issues with your transfer case. 

  • Odd noises when shifting gears or driving at a certain speed

  • Erratic 4-wheel drive performance

  • Vehicle jumping in and out of 4-wheel

  • Grinding noises from the vehicle

  • Fluid Leaks

  • Trouble shifting gears

  • Kicks out of gear at random while the car is in motion

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